We were married in Piermont, NY, in October 2002, on the only nice day that month! The location was The View On The Hudson. Our Ketubah was created by the artist Gad Amaliah in Boston. By an amazing coincidence, David's brother Brian and his wife Lisa got their Ketubah from the same artist. Here is a photo from our wedding. Click it to enlarge!

We took our honeymoon trip to Australia and New Zealand. Here is a picture of the two of us by a volcanic crater in Auckland, NZ, with a friend of David's (Craig) who once lived in New York. Click it to enlarge!

On our original website for our wedding, we had a large glossary of Jewish wedding terms (and in particular how they related to our ceremony). A shortened version of this glossary made its way into the printed program we handed out at the wedding. Several people were able to make use of this information for their own weddings, so I want to make sure it continues to remain available. Click here to see the glossary.